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Nova Program

(Girls in-house competitive)

$35 annual registration fee

Tuition Rates:
Novas - $165 / $160 (Auto Draft rate)
Supernovas - $165 / $160 (Auto Draft rate)
Comets - $235 / $230 (Auto Draft rate)

The Nova Program is the next step after the girls recreational program. We begin with Novas, who are working Xcel Bronze level skills. Our next level is Supernovas, where our athlete's skill set progresses to that of Xcel Silver. Finally, in our Comets level, routines are the equivalent of Xcel Gold. Novas and Supernovas come two days per week for an hour and ten minutes. Comets practice two days per week for two hours and twenty minutes per day.  The Nova Program competes at in house competitions only. 


The schedule for these groups are at select times throughout the week. Please call for availability.

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