What is PNO? 

It's 4 hours of gymnastics, games, contests, and endless fun! 


Who may attend? 

ANYONE & EVERYONE ages 3 and up 

(must be 'TOTALLY' potty trained)


What are the times?

7:00PM to 11:00PM


What is the Cost? 


$20.00 at the door. 


*PLEASE NOTE: We accept cash or check for payment at the door

What else should I know?

You may choose to purchase a concessions wristband with a specified dollar amount when you drop your child off. For children ages 5 & up (not in preschool), we will write the amount down on their wristband and mark it off as they purchase items. Concessions items are $2.00 each. (Items include pizza, drinks & candy) 

Preschoolers may purchase the preschool combo for $5.00 - which includes 2 slices of pizza and a drink. 

**Concessions wristbands are cash only. If you choose not to participate in concessions, a light snack will still be served at our normal time at no additional cost.

At 10:00 pm the 3-5 year olds (in the pre-school area) watch a movie. They may bring a blanket & pillow.

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