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(Co-ed Kinder & up)

$35 Annual Registration Fee
$99 Monthly Tuition Rate 
$94 Discounted Auto Draft Rate
Family Discounts: 10% off 2nd child's first class, 
30% off each additional child's first class

This class is designed for boys and girls who want to concentrate their efforts on the tumbling aspect of gymnastics.  This class is great for those aspiring to be a cheerleader or for those just not as interested in the other olympic gymnastics events.


Our tumbling program begins with Intro to Tumbling which emphasizes the fundamentals of tumbling: cartwheels and round-offs, with an introduction to back handsprings. These tumblers will work their way up through Intermediate, Accelerated, Advanced, and finally Elite where they work the more advanced combination of tumbling passes. They will turn a back tuck into a lay-out, and they will begin to twist their layouts into fulls and double fulls. Front tumbling will also become more of a focus.

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