Gymnastics & Tumbling Programs

We offer classes for children walking age through 18. Find your program today!

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Why Choose Gymnastics For Your Child?

Gymnastics is a great way for children to develop physical strength and agility, build confidence, and learn valuable skills such as discipline, coordination, and teamwork. It is also a fun and exciting sport that encourages creativity and encourages determination, helping children to reach their goals.

Develops Healthy Skills

Gymnastics is a great way for children to stay active, improve coordination and balance, and develop strength and endurance. Because gymnastics involves a variety of physical activities, it helps improve strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health.

Enhances Social Skills

Gymnastics can help children develop social skills, such as communication, cooperation, and teamwork. Through gymnastics, children will learn how to work together to achieve a goal, as well as how to interact with their peers in a safe and supportive environment.

Goal-setting & Determination

Gymnastics can help children develop determination and aspire to greater heights. Through gymnastics, children will learn that hard work and dedication can help them reach their goals. They will gain confidence and selfesteem in the process.

Teaching Excellence in Gymnastics & Tumbling

Gymnastics & Tumbling

Offered at all Cypress Academy Locations. Gymnastics classes start as soon as your child is able to walk!


Cypress Academy Ninja was founded in 2020. We have 2 locations – a 7,000 square ft. facility attached to our Huffmeister Location and a 27,000 square ft. stand alone facility, which is our Dowdell location. CA Ninja offers classes, birthday parties and special events.


Prodigy All-Stars is a world-class cheer facility, offering all levels of competitive cheer at our Huffmeister Location.